A serious and clear call for help

“These kids have serious conditions and need a place that is friendly and child-centred — a place that tells them they matter,” says Christine. She bristles at the suggestion that less severe illness is seen at CHEO’s outpatient offices on McArthur Road. Hazel, 17, has PTSD and a severe anxiety disorder. She hasn’t been to her regular school for more than a year. She cuts herself. Once she cut her neck and used the blood to write “help me” on the wall. Christine is convinced that without CHEO, Hazel would be dead. Hazel desperately wants help and has developed a strong therapeutic relationship with her psychiatrist at 311 McArthur. So that’s where they go. She has also been admitted as an inpatient before. Hazel isn’t an exception: there are many who slide between the need for inpatient and outpatient services. And because of other conditions, Hazel regularly has medical appointments at the hospital, or needs to do blood work related to the medications for her mental health. For Christine, this would all be much easier in one location during the time off she has negotiated with her employer to manage the regular, multiple appointments. The solution: A welcoming, new building beside the hospital that tells Hazel she matters and means Christine just has to go to one location.  Please help spread the word. #1door4care