Adrienne wouldn’t have missed 18 months of speech therapy

Adrienne is a lovely, engaged and active five-year-old who has spent a significant chunk of her life in CHEO. She has leukemia. She also has Down Syndrome. When she was in and out of hospital in 2016 and 2017, she was also scheduled for speech therapy, which wasn’t at CHEO’s main campus. As an inpatient for weeks and sometimes months, she couldn’t get to her therapy. Her mom Kathleen says she missed a year-and-a-half of speech therapy, all during the ever-important early years of language development. Adrienne benefits from occupational therapy and other services that help to include her at school. In addition, she is followed by the Champlain Complex Care Program. And she has three siblings! So Kathleen and her husband Paul are managing a busy, busy household on top of it all. “Simplifying, coordinating and streamlining care in one building would be huge for us,” says Kathleen. The solution: A new building on the CHEO campus that brings Adrienne’s medical needs and specialists together in one location, but also connects families with resources and each other.  Please help spread the word. #1door4care