Clinic’s office space not good for progress

Martine is a senior public servant whose 14-year-old daughter has severe PTSD as a result of childhood trauma.   That means the world is such a scary place for her that she can’t leave the house without her service dog and she can’t go to school. She’s been going to 311 McArthur for almost two years, but is so triggered by the facility’s austere, cramped and unforgiving quarters that it is often counterproductive for Martine to take her there. What she needs is a trauma-informed space where she feels safe. Instead, Martine’s daughter has to go to a facility that she finds frightening in order to get the treatment that she desperately needs. Each visit is a struggle and progress is unbearably slow.  The solution: A bright, new, welcoming and safe space designed with young people like Martine’s daughter in mind. Please help spread the word. #1door4care