It may be Canadian to apologize, but this psychiatrist is tired of it

Meet psychiatrist Marjorie Robb. She is passionate about improving the lives of kids and teens with mental illness — some of our city’s most vulnerable young people. But she’s tired of apologizing to them and their families about where she has to provide care. The office and waiting room are cramped, dingy and unwelcoming. It’s too cold in some rooms and too hot in others. The offices aren’t soundproof, which is a serious concern for confidentiality. And there is no security on site. Recently she had a teen who needed to go to CHEO’s inpatient unit but it wasn’t safe for the parent to drive them, which can happen if people are considered a threat to themselves or others. So she and a colleague stayed with the teen nearly four hours waiting for police to arrive – a long and uncomfortable wait for the teen and parent. The solution: Marjorie and her colleagues move to a new building on CHEO’s campus. Please help spread the word. #1door4care