One door that could help Abby, not cause stress

Meet Abby. Whenever she falls asleep, she stops breathing. It’s why she was first admitted to CHEO’s ICU when she was five hours old. It’s why for the next 16 years she and her family have returned to CHEO many, many times. Abby’s mom, Teresa, never thought a door would improve things for her eldest daughter. In fact, doors and separation create anxiety. To this day they still sleep with doors open. Abby’s service needs are demanding — from all her medical appointments and procedures to speech and occupational therapy. And like many parents of kids with complex needs, it leads to isolation. “It’s not just the promise of a single building that’s exciting — it’s the promise of building a community.” The solution:  A purpose-built building on the CHEO campus that brings medical needs and specialists together in one location, but also connects families with resources and each other. Please help spread the word. Support #1door4care