Safe and secure is comforting, better for all

Carol’s 15-year-old daughter, Emily, uses multiple services at CHEO – genetics, endocrinology, dentistry and mental health. She has been admitted to CHEO’s inpatient services and used the outpatient services at 311 McArthur. Emily suffered a brain injury when she was young that makes it very difficult for her to regulate her emotions. A trigger can make her snap and become violent. If Emily is triggered at the hospital, they call a Code White, which brings a support team trained in non-violent intervention. This includes Security and the resources necessary if restraint is appropriate (medication and physical). Knowing these resources are at the hospital is a great comfort to Carol. The problem is that 311 McArthur does not have these resources, so when she takes her daughter there, she is on tenterhooks.  Yes there are professionals, but no security and no restraints. “And it just doesn’t feel like CHEO,” Carol adds about 311 McArthur. The solution: A new building located with the hospital that is friendlier — and safer because staff can call a Code White. Please help spread the word. Support #1door4care